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Pet Sitters, Inc.

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Why Choose Pet Sitters, Inc?

  • Your pet will live as a “member of the family” in a carefully selected, private home.
  • You are encouraged to meet your sitter first.
  • There are no cages and no kennels. You may supply a crate to be used for short periods, if desired.
  • You can always call and check on your pet while you travel.
  • Support is available to the sitter 24 hours a day.
  • Less stress on your pet, since their physical and emotional needs are matched with the sitter's home.
  • Peace of mind knowing where your pet is and that he will be loved and cared for as a member of the sitter's family.
  • We are the ultimate in pet care, having provided private home care since 1982.

Advantages Over Kennels and Online Services

Recently, online-based companies have begun to offer pet sitting services in the area, but owners beware! These services don't train, visit, nor evaluate their sitters like we do. These sitters and services may not be licensed. Online services do not emphasize your pet's comfort and habits when selecting the appropriate sitter. They also don't have back-up plans in case emergences occur with the pet or sitter. Pet Sitters, Inc. has 24 hour support to ensure your pet is well cared for in every circumstance.


Kennels keep your pet in cages for the majority of the day, and charge extra for basic services like feeding your own food, giving medicine, and individual time with care takers. Kennels try to mimic homes by offering TV's etc. but at Pet Sitters, Inc. your pet will live in a real home as a member of the sitter's family. The "extras" such as petting and cuddling are always included.


Some people consider having friends or sitters come visit your home and pet while you are gone. Often, dogs do NOT handle this type of care well because while in your house, they expect you to be there, which causes added stress when you don't return each day. Also, this often results in dogs being alone for 14-16 hours overnight. 


When placed in a private home, your pet attaches themselves to the sitter and easily adjusts to a new, yet similar home. When choosing this type of service, beware of state requirements. Ask if the person/service licensed by the Department of Agriculture.


By The Missouri State Animal Care Facilities Act, caretakers must be licensed and follow regulations. For example, dogs must be compatible to be in the same home, meaning sitters can not block dogs off into different areas and keep them separated. Dog may not be caged, seperated or kenneled when the sitter is present in the home.


How It Works

We find a private home for your pet in 3 personalized and easy steps.


About Pet Sitters, Inc.

Founded in 1982, Pet Sitters, Inc. sets the standard for pet care in St. Louis.


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